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Avoid destroying usability using pdf:s

Pdf is a bad format for online content consumption. 1. You have to have a plugin installed in your browser. 2. The document isn’t consumed in your content, but opens up in a different window (or even worse opens up in your current window. So avoiding pdf:s is a no brainer if you can chose. But you can not always chose. Some companies have used pdf:s as their preferred format for a long time and transferring pdf:s to content in html requires massive amount of work converting tables, diagrams etc.
The first choice is to fuck usability and keep all pdf:s as downloadable links. But you can also chose to use a dedicated pdf repository. The benefits of using a dedicated pdf repository compared to simple document lists in WordPress is:

  • Easier to read online for visitors
  • Easier to collect and find documents for visitors
  • Easier to organize and update by administrator
  • Possible to manage by someone who can’t/won’t learn wordpress.

Below is SlideShare, which has become the largest pdf repository online. The WordPress integration is however limited. You can not embed all your pdf:s in any easy way and you can not even sort or reorder the documents you once have uploaded. You can chose from the widget below or to embed only one document at a time.

Another solution is scribd. Scribd offers a ready made list with the collection you like. You can sort the documents.

You can of course also embed each document separatetly:
2012-12-18 Amaya’s Ongame selected by Redbet to power poker


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